tours to see the Northern Lights

There are a number of countries to choose from where you can see the Northern Lights or as they are also known, the Aurora Borealis. Sightings of these incredible phenomena are most common from northerly latitudes above the Arctic Circle and our trips take you to some ideal locations. During the day, enjoy views of towering snow capped mountains, rugged coastlines punctuated with gaping fjords and snowy plains surrounded by dense forest. Whether your tours to see the Northern Lights are by land or by sea, these trips promise to reveal some spectacular landscapes. Take the opportunity to investigate the different cultures of some of the world's most northerly towns and learn about their inhabitants' way of life in these cold climates. Spend time wandering around these foreign towns, admire their architecture and stop off at their cafés to try some of the delicious local foods.

For the more adventurous guest, there are plenty of optional excursions to take part in on our tours to see the Northern Lights. Try some exhilarating snowmobiling along picturesque trails through forests and across plains, or learn the skills of the more traditional husky dog sledding. There is also a multitude of wildlife in these northern regions such as wolves, arctic foxes and reindeer. Off the coast, it is sometimes possible to see numerous species of whale such as orcas, humpbacks and beluga whales and there are also dolphins, seals and sea eagles inhabiting these parts of the world. And then there are the Northern Lights. These mysterious phenomena occur as a result of solar wind particles colliding with atoms in the Earth's upper atmosphere. Each collision produces energy which is emitted as light and can be seen in the night sky as glowing multicoloured ribbons or rippling curtains. The sight is simply mesmerising and our tours to see the Northern Lights are a fantastic opportunity to see these spectacular natural phenomena for yourself. Each of our holidays have their own individual characteristics and each tour is as exciting as the last, so take some time to browse our enticing selection of tours to see the Northern Lights.

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